31 Days Of Frugal Cooking

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When I initially heard about the 31 days writing challenge I thought “what could I possibly write about for that long”? Then I remembered the What To Do With Bean series I had started and realized I could easily talk about frugal cooking for a month.

Even though my days of extreme frugality  seem to be behind me, I know they are not for everyone. If you are someone who needs to drastically slash your grocery budget I sincerely hope you find information here to help you in your journey.

Join me this October so we can spend the month together talking about frugal cooking.

Day 2: What To Do With White Beans.

Day 3 : The First Set Of 3 Frugal Meals With Cost.

Day 4: What Not To Buy With A Frugal Grocery Budget.

Day 5: Menu Plan 13.

Day 6: The Second Set Of 3 Frugal Meals With Cost.

Day 7:Eliminating The Sacred Cow.

Day 8: Fruits and Vegetables.

Day 9: What To Do With Pinto Beans.

Day 10: The Third Set Of 3 Fugal Meals With Cost.

Day 11: Homemade V Readymade.

Day 12: Menu Plan 14.

Day 13: The Fourth Set Of 3 Frugal Meals With Cost.

Day 14: Buying In Large Quantities.

Day 15: Butter And Maple Syrup.

Day 16: What To Do With Lentils.

Day 17: The Fifth Set Of 3 Frugal Meals With Cost.

Day 18: Menu Plan 15.

Day 19: Milk In A Frugal Budget.

Day 20: Menu Plan 16.

Day 21: The Sixth Set Of 3 Frugal Meals With Cost.

Day 22: Recipes.

Day 23: Menu Planning Is Not Enough.

Day 24: Frugal Breakfast.

Day 25: Frugal Lunch.

Day 26: Frugal Dinner.

Day 27: The Seventh set of 3 Frugal Meals With Cost.

Day 28: Frugal Snacks.

Day 29: Cindy’s Personal Bread Recipe.

Day 30: What To Do With Red Beans.

Day 31: 4 Week Frugal Dinner Menu.

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