4 Week Frugal Dinner Menu

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We made it! I talked for 31 days about frugal cooking and you listened for 31 days. Thank you to all the new readers and new subscribers. It means a lot to me that what I have to say has meaning for you. I leave you with one more piece of helpful information. For a downloadable PDF copy of this plan click here.

4 Week Frugal Dinner Menu

Week 1
Day 1 Roast Chicken Roasted Potatoes Peas
Day 2 Seasoned Pinto Beans Corn bread Sauteed cabbage and onion
Day 3 Chicken soup with rice Corn bread
Day 4 Bean and rice burritos Taco chips or corn
Day 5 Hamburgers Leftover roast potatoes Homemade buns (optional)
Day 6 Lentil soup Toast with butter or leftover buns
Day 7 Leftovers
Week 2
Day 1 Roast chicken Mashed potatoes and gravy Corn
Day 2 Red beans and rice Biscuits
Day 3 Chicken noodle soup Biscuits
Day 4 Black bean burgers Leftover mashed potatoes
Day 5 Chicken and noodles Dinner rolls Glazed carrots
Day 6 Black bean soup wih optional corn Dinner rolls
Day 7 Leftovers
Week 3
Day 1 Roast pork Mashed potatoes and gravy peas
Day 2 Black beans and rice Corn bread
Day 3 Beanie Weenies Cheesy potato patties
Day 4 Pinto bean burritos Rice
Day 5 Pork fried rice Noodles
Day 6 Split pea soup Biscuits
Day 7 Leftovers
Week 4
Day 1 Roast pork Baked potatoes Green beans
Day 2 Baked beans Macaroni and cheese
Day 3 White chili with leftover pork Cornbread
Day 4 Lentil tacos Rice
Day 5 Hot dogs Fried potatoes using leftover potatoes
Day 6 Minestrone soup Biscuits
Day 7 Leftovers

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