A New Way Of Life

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If there is anything I learned during our lean times it is this….

I do not want to be broke again.

Not only that, but I do not want to be like some of the 60 year old women I see who work in restaurants and retail establishments because they have to.  That makes me sad because I know there is a better way.

I also know that if I had had the business opportunities available to me then that I have now, my family would not have suffered so.

Realizing the potential of the MLM business model has given me a passion to spread the message. I want to help anyone who wants more financial success, to have it.

I am not saying there is a magic pill or formula. Working with a Direct Sales company is hard work but the rewards are more than worth the effort.

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3 Reasons Why MLM Is Right For Me

This is the third in a series of posts. See part 1 and part 2 here.

MLM which is short for Multilevel Marketing is not for everyone.

Some people cannot wrap their minds around the idea of anything other than traditional marketing.

A lot of people are happy with their jobs and finances and see no reason to look elsewhere.

I however am enamored with the idea of MLM and here are three reasons why.

Reason 1: I am often called “the idea girl”. Many times in my work a day world I have suggested ideas that were beneficial to an employer.

Of course I have never been directly compensated for any of them.

I would like my ideas to directly benefit me financially.

Reason 2: In MLM I get to decide how much money I earn.

My income is not capped by what my job is worth in the marketplace.

Reason 3: I really like setting my own calendar.

I am a hard worker but like the freedom to work on my own terms.

What about you?

Do any of these reasons tug at something inside of you?

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Three Reasons Why I Like MLM


This is the second in a 5 part series. See part 1 and part 3 here.

One of my favorite features about MLM, also know as Network Marketing, is that it does not care who you are.

College educated?            High school dropout?

Full time employee?                    Stay at home parent?

Anyone who wants to build a business of any size for any reason is welcome to participate.

My second favorite feature about MLM is that, unlike in a traditional job or business, your compensation is a direct correlation of your activity. Salaried work is always fraught with competition, and deserving people often do not get paid what they are worth. Only so many people in the normal work environment can make the “big bucks”.

In MLM, if you want more money you have the opportunity to earn it.

Finally, I really like the flexibility MLM offers.

You can live anywhere you want.

Can choose the people whom you work with.

Can build a business on your own schedule, giving it as much or as little time as you see fit.

What about you?

Are you interested in an equal opportunity business that pays you what you are worth and allows you to live the lifestyle of your dreams?

What do you think?

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MLM v Pyramid Schemes

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To the untrained eye, MLM or Multilevel Marketing companies and pyramid schemes look very similar. A close look however reveals significant differences.

The first difference between MLM companies and pyramid schemes is whether the company is in the business of selling products. Think soap, vitamins, food etc. Something that real people would buy on a regular basis. All legitimate MLM companies have a catalog of products. In a pyramid scheme, generally speaking, the “product” is distributorships. No one buys any soap or shampoo, just positions on a matrix.

The second difference between MLM companies and pyramids schemes is how distributors get paid. In a legitimate MLM company distributors get paid a commission on product sold. When a distributor sells his company’s product to someone at the retail price, he keeps as profit, the difference between wholesale and retail. Also when someone joins an MLM organization at the invitation of a distributor, and purchases product at wholesale pricing, the distributor receives a commission often called an override on those purchases. All income earned is based on product volume.

Conversely, in a pyramid scheme, profits are generated from sign up fees or purchased distributorships. Your income is based solely on people signing up and paying large fees of which you are promised a portion. Eventually these plans fall apart because at some point people realize that there are not enough new people willing to buy distributorships.

The final and most important difference is legality. MLM is legal and pyramid schemes are not. I cannot say it more clearly than that. As I close I will leave you with a quote from http://www.consumerfraudreporting.org/MLM_listofnames.php

Plans that promise profits mainly for recruiting new members are illegal pyramid schemes. In legitimate multilevel marketing plans, profits come primarily from selling goods and services to consumers.

What are your thoughts about MLM?