Queen of the Lost Scraps of Paper

“Queen of the Lost Scraps of Paper ” should be my legal name.

I am very good at writing all sorts of things on scraps of paper and then promptly losing them. Frankly, it never dawned on me that there could be a better way until a couple of weekends ago.

When I was sitting on the sofa with scraps of paper scattered all over the coffee table,  a thought suddenly floated into my head.

It said…

“Why don’t you use one spiral bound notebook for each topic?”

It was so clear that I immediately found a marker and labeled 3 notebooks.

Now I have one each for Shopping,  Blogging and Menus.

After only a couple of weeks in to this system,  I find it is working beautifully. Everything I have written is in one spot.

No more missing scraps of paper!