Eliminating The Sacred Cow

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Here is a statement I have heard more than once, “I could never get my husband to quit eating meat”.

I am never sure how to respond. Thoughts like the following flit through my mind…

Is he unreasonable?   Why don’t you just talk to him?   Maybe your situation isn’t serious enough to cut meat from your budget.

But what if it is?

I highly recommend developing a list of meatless recipes that rely on beans for protein. Find or develop recipes that your family enjoys. Here is a short list to get you started:

Bean and rice burritos, bean soup, beans and rice.

Keep in mind that there are many varieties of beans and thousands of recipes to choose from.

This does not mean that you have to completely eradicate meat from your dinner plate, unless your budget absolutely dictates that you do.

How about skipping the meat every other night? How about roasting a chicken and seeing how far you can make it last?

Of course each one of our circumstances is different causing us to make different choices.

In all honesty, I never completely cut meat from our budget. We certainly did not have I often though. Twice a week or so.

At the very end of our hardest times we were out of meat and had no money to buy more. It was exactly at that point our finances started to turn around. If things had stayed the same, I would simply not have bought any more meat and we would have been just fine.

Think about your situation  and decide if it is right to start cutting meat from your budget.

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