Fruits and Vegetables

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First I tell you to cut coffee from your budget. Then I tell you to cut back on the meat. You know where I am going with this post don’t you?

I am aware of the recommendations to eat 5-9 servings of fruits and vegetable each day, but I just do not agree.

Fruit and veggies are expensive. I would not want to see anyone doing completely without them however. Since they are important to your health as well as being delicious, let’s look at 6 ways to keep them in our diets.

Share. Quit thinking of a whole piece of fruit as a serving. When sliced on top of bowls of oatmeal, one banana can feed 4 people.

Buy less. Consider the veggies in your soup or casserole as enough. There is no need to serve a salad next to lentil soup that has carrots, celery and onion in it.

Buy the cheapest. Most likely these items would be in season. Think peaches in late summer and cabbage in winter.

Buy frozen. Sometimes frozen peas in December are your cheapest choice. A quick comparison of prices will make this clear.

Grow some. I know this in not feasible for everyone. If you can and do it frugally you should though. I think the veggies  most worth growing are tomatoes and greens of any kind, especially Swiss chard, lettuce and spinach.

Get it for free. I know there are gleaning resources listed in various places on the internet. I never took advantage of these , instead employing a different strategy.

Our church is one of those where people bring excess produce and others take it home to enjoy. One day I asked the church secretary what they do with all the leftovers. She said “We throw it away”. After hearing that I knew what I had to do. From then on, I purposed to be the last one  to leave each week, taking all the remaining produce home with me. I was so very thankful for all of the free food. We ate extremely well that spring and summer.

If your budget can handle 5+ serving of fruits and vegetables per person each day then go for it. If it cannot,then maybe one or more of these 6 ideas will be helpful to you.

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