Homemade V Readymade

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We all know that homemade food tastes better, but did you have any idea how much cheaper it is too?

Baked goods are where I got the biggest bang for my buck. I learned years ago that baking from scratch saved me a ton of money. I also found that I was less likely to waste if it was something I had made myself.

Keep in mind that when I started baking for my family I did not know how. Like everything worth learning it took some trial and error. I have heard people say that they tried baking bread once and it did not work. Once?????? I tried it a dozen or more times and it did not work. However I learned something each time and can now bake bread effortlessly.

Interestingly, I found cookbooks to be of very little help. They always seemed to assume I had a level knowledge that I did not posses. For instance, what do you do when your recipe is too sticky? Or how does whole wheat flour behave differently from the all purpose variety?

I scoured the internet for resources that could answer my questions. I also read obscure books from the Library which talked about the chemistry of bread. And of course I threw a lot of loaves to the chickens.

I highly recommend looking to the internet and books for information. Better yet if you have someone in your life who can get elbow to elbow with you in the kitchen choose that option.

Below is a short list of what I baked for my family on a regular basis:

Sandwich bread, French bread, focaccia bread, dinner rolls, pizza, muffins, biscuits and cornbread.

May this post be the inspiration you need to start filling your home with the delicious aroma of home baked bread!

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