Milk In A Frugal Budget

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During our lean years two teachings about buying milk were popular. The first one was to use powdered milk. The second one was to buy milk on sale and freeze what you could not use within a few days.

Let’s talk about powdered milk first. Flavor is a good place to start. I don’t like how it tastes. Because of that the milk would have to be significantly cheaper for me to want to use it on a regular basis.

At my local grocery store a 64 ounce box of powdered milk sells for $.25 per ounce. One box turns into 20 quarts of fluid milk. Using those numbers one gallon of liquid milk made from dry costs around $3.00.

Currently fresh milk costs very close to the same amount. That is a strong argument for picking up a gallon of fresh milk next time you are at the grocery store.

Next up is the idea of freezing extra milk. I have actually done this. The flavor is only mildly compromised but it sure takes a lot of space in the freezer. I would only do this if my family went through a lot of milk and I had room in the freezer.

After thinking about powdered milk and freezing extra milk I decided to just get the amount of milk I needed at the store each week.

This is part of 31 Days Of Frugal Cooking.

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