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Something that frustrated me no end when I was in the middle of my frugal journey was recipes.

The first thing I noticed was that so many of them did not work. I had not yet had enough experience in reading recipes and could not yet tell at a glance if they would turn out as the author said they would. Especially on the internet.

I didn’t have time or money to acquire many cookbooks so I turned to the internet. What I found was many well intentioned people  publishing recipes who had no skill in writing them. They were probably dishes people had made many times for themselves but just did not know how to properly share them. Along the way I figured out where the errors were and made the recipes my own.

I also found a lot of recipes to cost more per serving than  I wanted to pay. I discovered by trial and error how I could modify a recipe to fit within my guidelines. For example, using 2 tablespoons of oil and one whole onion. When every single penny mattered I learned to cut those in half. We enjoyed the dish and I shaved a few cents off the total.

Thankfully, today it seems like people publishing on the internet have gotten a lot better. I no longer have the recipe fails that I once had. Also since my food budget is not so tight it does not really matter how much of any ingredient I use.

I am glad for what I learned during those years because I have a better appreciation for some things I had previously taken for granted….

Like an extra tablespoon of olive oil.

What are your experiences with recipes?

This post is part of 31 Days Of Frugal Cooking.