The First Set Of 3 Frugal Meals With Cost

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Everyone needs a few frugal meals that they can make over and over. I also think it is nice to know about how much they cost. The dollar amounts listed here approximate what these would cost to feed my family of four using today’s prices.  Here is the first set of 3 that I have made regularly throughout the years. Enjoy!

1. Roasted chicken, roasted potatoes and carrots, frozen peas

Cost: Chicken (only the amount consumed).$2.00

Cost: Potatoes, Carrots, oil and seasonings. $.40

Cost: Frozen peas. $.90

2. Seasoned pinto beans, sautéed cabbage and onions and cornbread with butter and honey.

Cost: Beans and seasonings. $.50

Cost: Cabbage, onion and cooking fat. $.1.00

Cost: Cornbread, butter and honey. $1.00

3. Chicken noodle soup and cornbread with butter and honey.

Cost: Chicken, onion, carrots, seasoning, and noodles. $2.oo

Cost: Cornbread, butter and honey. $1.oo

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