Menu Plan-2

mpm-chalkboardInvesting less than 30 minutes per week to plan out our meals has make life easier for me. This way I have to think once about dinner for the week. Each night as I close the kitchen, I look at my plan to see if I should take anything out of the freezer. When it comes time to cook I just walk into the kitchen and start cooking.

We are doing something this week I have never done before.

I am not cooking.

Because of my diagnoses, I am under strict lifting and standing restrictions.

I have a project I would like to finish and cannot both work on it and cook for and clean up after dinner.

Here is what’s for dinner this week:

Frozen lasagna x 2, I bought a big one

Individual frozen dinners x 2

Drive through/take out x 2

For day 7 we will make it up as we go along. If we do not have enough leftovers we might make pancakes or sandwiches or have pizza delivered.

I also post these in the Menu Plan Monday section of Org Junkie, where you can find more people who believe in the value of a weekly menu plan.