Menu Plan-3

Investing less than 30 minutes per week to plan out our meals has made life easier for me. This way I only have to think once about dinner for the week. Each night as I close the kitchen, I look at my plan to see if I should take anything out of the freezer. When it comes time to cook I just walk into the kitchen and start cooking.

Last weeks “no cook” experiment was a success. Two good things came out of it. One, I finished the project on which I had been working. Two, I learned that after a while, all frozen dinners taste like the cardboard in which they are packaged. Since I do not want my dinners to taste like cardboard this week I will go back to normal meal planning.

Here is what’s for dinner this week:

Grilled teriyaki chicken and pork chops, asparagus, corn on the cob, French bread (from freezer)

Pinto bean and corn quesadillas, rice20150712_084602

Fried rice (using leftover chicken), sesame noodles

Italian sausage on hot dog buns topped with sautéed onions and sweet peppers and fresh basil (from container garden), French fries

White chili (beans and chicken broth in freezer) with spicy, cheesy biscuits (from freezer)

Omelets, fruit and toast.

I also post these in the Menu Plan Monday section of Org Junkie, where you can find more people who believe in the value of a weekly menu plan.